Too Much Time....

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Too Much Time....

Post by tjensen » Mon Aug 06, 2007 11:43 pm

Greg -

In several of my games against sourcerer, he has not made a move since April 26th. He has also conveniently only made 9 moves in 4 of these 6 games, even though his latest login is June 17th. I also noticed that in one of his games (not against me, but another opponent), he hasn't made a move since February, and in one of his games he hasn't moved since March.

To me, this is poor sportsmanship. If you are going to sit on a game due to a vacation, I understand that. But if you are going to log in after a longer absence (I think a month and a half qualifies as a long absence), it is poor sportsmanship to not move and not give any explanation.

All 6 of the games that I am playing against him have an add time of 10 days per move. I now regret accepting these terms. I know that you have reduced think time in the past for circumstances such as this, and I would ask that you also do that in this situation. However, couldn't you also put something into the script that ends a game if there is no move made within a certain time frame....say.....30 calendar days? Quite frankly, I think that the person who doesn't move for over 30 days should automatically lose and the winner be awarded a point regardless of how many moves have been made, but I can understand that some would think that only a draw should be awarded. My reason for saying award a point for the winner is that it is not really their fault that the other person is (in my opinion) obviously not making that 10th move, so as to deny their opponent the 1 point. I consider such a situation a forfeit or a resignation because the player has abandoned the game.

It's one thing to timeout on a game with commonly accepted time perameters, or timeout due to not making their first move within 10 days. It is a completely other thing to make only 9 moves in several games and then abandon them in favor of other games or just not move for who knows what reason. That is poor sportsmanship.

Please let me know your thoughts. The games in question can be found in match m1172346334. Thanks.

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Post by petemarkou » Tue Aug 07, 2007 6:30 am

When you are both 96 years old with alsheimer you will probably forget these games :D

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Post by gmiller » Wed Aug 08, 2007 6:12 pm

From the guy's profile, it says he's in Zimbabwe, so it's totally plausible he doesn't have Internet access very often. And looking at his past games, he's regularly taken nearly a year to complete a game.
Greg Miller

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Post by microduma » Tue Aug 14, 2007 3:42 am

I sympathise with both you tjensen, and sourcerer :( :( . Everybody here should prefer sourcerer's own response, but I note that Zimbabwe is an unstable, unpredictable place at the moment, IMHO closely resembling a banana republic. I have spoken to several of Zimbabwean immigrants (legal and illegal) who have all confirmed that most Zimbabweans are being suppressed, and are suffering greatly.

The ruling Zimbabwean Zanu PF (under president Robert Mugabe) have implemented several outrageously ridiculous economical and political policies the past few years. The economy is being harmed, political freedom is being restricted, and it goes much further than the suppression of minorities.

The "Mail and Guardian" (previously the "Rand Daily Mail "Sunday Express" and the "Weekly Mail") is a reputable South African newspaper, which have published some articles on Zimbabwe, some to the embarrassment of its "wealthy" neighbour, South Africa. For some perspective, you may want to click on, or copy and paste the first URL below into your browser.

(I feel certain that the fact that Mr. T Ncube, a major stake holder in the M&G, is a Zimbabwean, is of no/little consequence on the M&G's reporting.) : ... s=Zimbabwe

Find the CIA World Factbook article on Zimbabwe here: ... os/zi.html

microduma (SA citizen).

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Post by petemarkou » Tue Aug 14, 2007 3:23 pm

If thats the case then Bush should invade this country and bring piece and stability :lol:

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Post by microduma » Wed Aug 15, 2007 4:16 am

Excellent idea, petermarkou. A grand scale invasion of Zimbabwe will also be much less taxing on the USA's economy and national/ international political conscience than other conquers available to Mr. Bush. In support ::

- convenient political detention centres already exist. They merely need to be taken over; stealthy as well as economical.

- no need to account for 'collateral damage' (deaths), it can be written off as AIDS-related deaths. ... -j29.shtml

- collateral damage to refuges of the defenceless and poorest of the poor can be ascribed to president Mugabe's mass clean up operations. ... s__africa/

- 'the esprit de corps' of the strongest military force in the world is likely to increase phenomenally, making troop indoctrination easier; it shall be augmented by the opportunity for them to taste the pleasure of killing and destroying 'the enemy' even without the aid of depleted uranium SABOT's, unmanned aircraft, stealth bombers and other hi-tech options available. Also think of the enormous pride that USA citizens will feel, and the admiration, and gratitude of future generations, not to mention how much shall be added the proud history of the USA fighting forces as defenders of liberty, piece and justice.

Thus, hail operation "Underwhelming Cost".
Suggested campaign slogan: "Let's Smoke'm Now!".

Sadly, the USA military shall inevitably have to ship in their own supplies of liquor. Zimbabwe's own supplies have dried up.

Perhaps an invasion of Zimbabwe is really president Bush's ultimate destiny, in a metaphysical sense. Even the (first) Zimbabwean liberation struggle is commonly referred to over here as "The Bush War".

In any case, all of this makes me feel like playing chess! Anyone for a game?

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