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Updates to better support mobile devices

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Updates to better support mobile devices

Postby gmiller » Thu Jun 02, 2016 10:56 pm

I've been making some changes to make the website work better on mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc). So you may notice some formatting changes even for the desktop site. The changes are being done incrementally rather than all at once, and you'll probably notice a lot of changes as the days go by if you're on a mobile device. It's probably going to get a lot uglier on mobile devices before it gets prettier, but the goal is to increase usability even if it makes things ugly in the short term (e.g. larger fonts will cause some text to wrap). There should be no loss of functionality on either mobile or desktop devices. But if you see that things look a lot different than they used to, it's probably me, and there's nothing wrong with your phone, though you might need to click the reload button to refresh the screen.
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