End of match report (summary)

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Would you appreciate to be notified when a match ends?

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2 - Somewhat appreciate
3 - Do not care about this
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End of match report (summary)

Post by petko » Fri Sep 19, 2008 9:30 am

Site sends information to players when a match starts.

I think it would be nice if it sent information when a match ends as well.
Often you finish your games before others and never go back to see how you actually ended in that match.

Site knows (I expect) when the match ends.
When it has ended, there is a generated final results table on the match page.
I think site could just e-mail players (similar to when match started) and possibly enclose that HTML part of final results into message body.

Maybe it would be fine to allow users to enable/disable this behaviour in preferences (so not to feel being spammed).

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