Surprising endgame

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Surprising endgame

Post by gregorgysi » Tue Jan 20, 2015 11:40 am

hobgoblin(2400) vs. gregorgysi (2519)

In my game (g1105202172) a dutch stonewall got into a lost position during the midgame.
It got interesting again after:


White is much better. His control over the f-file and his active pieces should prove this.
But it is not easy. I guess the best for White in the retrospective is 32. Rd6 but this should not be part of my analysis here, as most people, including me would blitz
32.Kg5?? here.

What next? The g6 pawn is doomed or the 7-folder gets open and b7 is hanging.
Not yet.
Before a surrender you should always analyse forced lines.
Why not start with a check?

with the idea of:
33.dxe5 Rxe5+
34. Kh4 g5+
35. Kg3... (35. Kxh5 loses both rooks after gxf4+)
35.... gxf4
36. Rxf4

and now black is clearly better.

But that was only a dream line for black.
White came up with the seamingly obvious:
33.dxe5 Rxe5+
34. Rf6f5 gxf5
35. Rxf5 Rxf5
36. Kxf5


White's king is very active. He will eat up all pawns in the centre sooner or later.
Things like 36...d4 don't work. Simply because the e4 pawn is hanging.
But here the idea of a pawn breakthrough first came to my mind. (Much better players must have had this idea already around move 30, but not me)
Options for black?
So e4 must stay alive. Pawns must advance.
36 ....c4!!

The first pretty pawn breakthrough:
37. Ke5 a3!
And either the a or the c-pawn will find it's way to the promotion.

But can't this plan be easily stopped by
38. a3!?

With the white king still one step too far away black has time to bring in reserves:
39. Ke5 (what else?) b4

and now
40.axb4 is followed by the same breakthrough we've seen above:
40. ... a3!


So the only option left:
40. Kd4 c3!

And now either the c-pawn (after almost all of white's legal moves) or (after 41. bxc3) the b-pawn will reach it's goal.

41. bxc3 bxa3


The most surprising in this endgame is that 32.Kg5?? is already the gamechanger.
Black is already better (after 33.dxe5 Rxe5+ 34. Kh4 g5+) or even winning as played in the game.

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Re: Surprising endgame

Post by energy » Sat Jan 24, 2015 12:45 am

That was very nice! Thanks for sharing it.

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