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Sadly,I am done...

Post any puzzles you have or post your analysis of any games played on Net-Chess or anywhere else. Posts which do not contain game puzzles or analysis will be removed, such posts belong in the general forum. Commentary and discussion on openings is also welcome here.

Sadly,I am done...

Postby iamachessstudent » Wed Jun 12, 2013 11:20 am

With the Game of the Month and Players game of the month..

The reasons are a few but in a nutshell..My unhappiness with lack of any feedback, comments or any show of caring about the games period!
I love this site but OMG Apathy is amok and either that, or people just dont like to see annotated games and find them boring or just unnecessary!

so I love doing it and love posting, its not worth that effort just to have it rejected and sit here,no comments or a thing...so Ill find a better place to annotate and share the games and with people that dont mind taking time or the effort to reply and discuss.. its sure not this site!

m gonna keep playing here, for now, but once I find a site Ill have to leave and again same reasons.. you people are just ....nevermind...we all have a life but chess is part of that life (for me_)so maybe I am expecting too much from the people on this site, but let there be a hockey topic or a silly topic and GOD the replies just flourish...but get to CHESS and a big fat zero..which is plain sad...

I DO want to thank asoka, GkThomas, Jessamaine, Smoothperator, pwillows, Cliff, Martijn for their nice word in our games and encouragement.. those guys at least took a little time out to let me know they liked what they care and even volunteered their games, so TY all of you. it is soo much appreicated, you wi;ll never know!

And to the rest,, sorry you cant recognize fun stuff when you see it

Thanks everyone for letting me post this and Greg, u are awesome yourself !

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Re: Sadly,I am done...

Postby gmiller » Thu Jun 13, 2013 10:40 pm

I can understand the frustration. Thanks for the games you did post.
Greg Miller
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Re: Sadly,I am done...

Postby iamachessstudent » Fri Jun 14, 2013 7:54 am

thanks for making those diagrams also, really enhanced the post I thought!
good site greg, it really is !

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