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Game Commentary: kind of a weird one

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Game Commentary: kind of a weird one

Postby cborri » Mon Feb 05, 2007 9:00 am

I was black, and my opponent played a version of the French I'd never seen before. This led to an unusual position, and unfortunatly he timed out before I could find out what happened, so I thought I'd post it here to see what everyone else thinks.


I'm assuming he was going to play 13. Bb2, to which I'd respond Nxb3, 14.Nxb3 c5, giving me a rook and 3 pawns for the knight and bishop.

Just so you all know, I was in kind of a flakey mood when I played 3..d4 (and an even flakier one when I played 6..Nfg4). I think he may have had a better continuation than the one he chose, but I'm not sure what.
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