Three move repetition bug

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Three move repetition bug

Post by gmiller » Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:24 pm

An old bug has somehow resurfaced regarding the "Three Move Repetition" rule, where the game is incorrectly declared as drawn if the same position repeats even if it is not the same color to move. The bug has been corrected, but the feature has to be partially disabled to move forward. Any position which repeats from here onward will correctly be evaluated, but positions made up until now will not. For past positions, players will have to make a claim the old fashion way by e-mailing including the game ID and the move numbers where the position has repeated, players should continue to play as normal until the TD (me) is able to rule on the game.

To recap what actually counts as a three move repetition, these three things must be true:
1. The position on the board must be exactly the same three times
2. It must be the same player's turn in each of those three positions
3. The castling and en-passent states must also be the same.
Greg Miller

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