Website Status 8/30 - All functionality should be restored

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Website Status 8/30 - All functionality should be restored

Post by gmiller » Mon Aug 30, 2010 10:48 am

As of yesterday, all functionality of the website should be back to normal. If you notice anything not working, please post about it in the forum.

I have implemented a more resilient backup strategy. So hopefully when (not if) the next data loss incident occurs things will go quite a bit smoother. I'm using MySQL replication now to back up data in real time so that we won't have to rely on the snapshot method I was using before. Basically this means should the production database be destroyed we should at most loose a few seconds worth of data, rather than days. And the restoration process should be much faster.

The replication is used as a complement, not a replacement for, the snapshot backup process I was using before. So even if the replication fails, we'll still have the snapshots in place and will be no worse off than before. Also, the replication backup only helps in cases where data is loss due to corruption. Should someone delete all of the data from the production database, the delete command would also be replicated to the backup databases, and delete data there. But this would not affect the snapshot backups, and all queries are logged now, so it would (in theory) be possible to rebuild the data using a snapshot and the query log.
Greg Miller

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