Rating History Comparison Chart (Excel Spreadsheet)

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Rating History Comparison Chart (Excel Spreadsheet)

Post by sonrisante » Tue Aug 26, 2008 1:16 am

I've created a spreadsheet that downloads rating history for specified players and creates a chart comparing them. I first wanted something like this when I started a routine challenge with a chess-pal. We started at about the same level, and over time it was interesting to see how one would be up, then down.

So after months of "wishing" I finally sat down and wrote a quick Excel/VB app to do it. Lots of limitations, but I can list a couple of players (up to 20) and it will graph them. Frankly, anything more than 3 or 4 probably isn't practical.

In the unlikely event that anyone else would like to take a look, I've included a link to a ZIP file on my website. It contains a spreadsheet and a readme.txt file.


Unfortunately, you must have MICROSOFT EXCEL 2007 for these macros to work (2003 has a different object model, and I assume that OpenOffice doesn't mimic the VB object model) and installation is somewhat tedious due to Microsoft's "heightened" macro security.

If you do have Office 2007 and end up trying it out, I'd really be interested in your feedback. It's very raw, but I've tested it on a couple of different computers and it seems to work OK.


Bob Smiley
Pleasanton, CA

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