Hello my friends

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Hello my friends

Post by jjones » Thu Jan 18, 2007 12:04 pm

Hi everyone

I thought I would give all of you an update myself, since all of your cards have made me feel so much better. I am hone, I decided to say F hospice and do what I can with whatever time I have left.
I am sorry for all the games I had to time out on, I HATE to time out but there was no way I could keep playing...
I so appreciate all your cards, those of you that sent them I really was touched and so appreiocated your thoughts and taking the time from your lives to mail me.
I read all your somments on the Forcum and it is not easy day after day to fight abd be in pain,so those of you that think I am giving up WRONG..it is just very hard, and since MY Mom has passed that is another part of my life I have issues with as well.
I am thininkg about ttrying to play on what games I have left, if I can and I might play a small tournament for anyone that wants to start one and invite m e..my old friends.

I will keep in touch and play some of my games and THANK YOUI to all that sent the cards, and wished me well..it is appreciated more than you would ever know!

Jeff (aka Zapper" :twisted: The zapp stik is still-a-flying!

And oh yes, Chess, tho as artful and magnificent a game as it is, its JUST A GAME so lets all have FUN and play !

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Post by kcollins » Thu Jan 18, 2007 1:32 pm

keep flying - thoughts are with you and with a little bit of luck (know that chess is not luck game - but it helps ...) we will play for fun always = rgds and best wishes once again

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