Games In Progress for battousai
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Total Games: 6

GamePlayersMove#Last MoveLast WarningWhite TimeBlack TimeMatch IDYour Notepad
g1105353682martijn vs. battousai399/22/20209/4/2020085d 04:47:56025d 03:29:49m1591849298 
g1105353683battousai vs. martijn419/22/20209/4/2020029d 05:36:12087d 02:41:32m1591849298 
g1105354175battousai vs. abiodun299/22/20209/5/2020049d 02:25:18088d 19:43:29m1593540761 
g1105354176abiodun vs. battousai299/22/20209/5/2020091d 21:55:32049d 00:13:15m1593540761 
g1105354679battousai vs. hatsek449/22/20209/7/2020023d 17:53:10049d 02:15:39m1594138366 
g1105354692battousai vs. sasikumar439/22/20209/7/2020027d 11:46:47045d 08:22:02m1594138366